Construction Management

Construction Management

When it comes to construction management, Mi-De-Con Industrial Contractor practices some of the most innovative tactics in the business from the conception of the project to its’ commissioning. We focus on design, engineering, budgeting, scheduling, safety and quality planning as we guide our customers through the entire construction process.

We’re committed to bringing together the right parties and using the best project management practices to productively deliver our services. Our staff is comprised of talented, hard-working construction professionals with a depth of experience in the industrial markets we serve. Mi-De-Con Industrial Contractor understands the importance of working together with our clients.

That’s why we’re dedicated to integrating our team with our client’s team, building a project team expert in designing, constructing and operating the facility. We set expectations for performance and project timing immediately and are committed to delivering on our promises.

Mi-De-Con Industrial Contractor is dedicated to ensuring our clients work with the most experienced and efficient people who deliver the best product available. To achieve this, our company works tirelessly to better understand how our customers’ businesses are run and from there, work to develop a solution to minimize impact on their operations throughout the construction period.

We engage design and trade partners early in project development to drive better owner solutions and optimize utilization of project resources and ensure their procurement at the most cost-effective terms.

Our clients should have a voice at the table and know exactly what they’re getting. We work to ensure our project objectives, goals, and performance requirements are clearly defined. Throughout the project, we keep communication open with the owner, designers, and trade partners to facilitate a team atmosphere, resolve conflicts early, and make sure customers are updated on progress.

Mi-De-Con Industrial Contractor provides top-notch service. The company was founded to fulfill the growing need for a full-service millwright company that treats customers like family and equipment with care.

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